Mobile Filtration and Excavation Services

Mobile Filtration/Dewatering Services
Metropolitan Environmental Services, Inc. is recognized as one of the pioneers and leading providers of onsite dewatering services. With the current industry-wide trend toward onsite waste reduction, the company’s mobile filtration capabilities are positioned to service customers with immediate site filtration needs and also to meet future permanent waste treatment requirements on an ongoing basis.

In providing its filtration services, Metropolitan Environmental Services utilizes its’ in-house laboratory for conducting filterability studies to determine the best filtration method and equipment for a given waste stream. Metropolitan’s self-contained mobile filtration systems equipped with recessed chamber filter presses, belt presses, hydro-cyclones or centrifuges can then be mobilized and operating on a job site within a matter of hours. Metropolitan also has extensive experience using geotextile tubes where applicable. The filtration process produces a liquid effluent (filtrate) which generally meets discharge parameters and a solid filter cake which can be transported to authorized disposal sites, or reclaimed/recovered.

Specialized services provided by the filtration division include:

  • Filtration services for the steel, chemical, municipal and other related industries
  • Ongoing service contract filtration/dewatering services
  • Clarifier/tank sludge removal and filtration service
  • Lagoon/Surface Impoundment maintenance and/or closure
  • Mobile Filtration Unit rental to industry and environmental contractors

Excavation/Solidification Services
In conjunction with, or separate from the mobile filtration services, Metropolitan utilizes excavation equipment including dowsers, loaders, and long reach excavators for removal of contaminated material from lagoons, pits, tanks, pipes culverts and other contaminated sites. Depending upon the waste stream and disposal method, Metropolitan will utilize various solidification agents and methods in order to meet disposal requirements.

Material Transfer Services
Metropolitan also has an extensive array of equipment for pumping and/or transferring liquids to meet your specific needs.

Metropolitan’s material transfer equipment includes floating dredge equipment, diesel powered submersible pumps, dry-prime pumps and electric submersible pumps with flow ratings up to 4,000 gallons per minute.

If a turnkey approach is required, we can combine this technology with other Metropolitan services such as dredging, excavation, pumping, belt press dewatering, or lime stabilization to provide the best solution for your sludge management needs. We offer both short term temporary solutions, as well as permanent installations operated under long term contracts.

Did You Know

Carylon Corporation’s equipment resources are vast, with an excess of 1100 rolling pieces of equipment and over 1000 employees. Metropolitan also has dedicated equipment that is available for immediate use from our locations.

Related Info

As an experienced service provider, we are geared to perform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call our 24 hour dispatch service at 800.860.7378

Carylon companies use the coding and grading of pipe and manhole defects in sewer systems and operator certification standards as set forth in the NASSCO Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP).*

*The Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) was jointly developed by NASSCO and the Water Research Centre (WRC) to create a national standard for the coding and grading of pipe and manhole defects in sewer systems, and the certification of individuals for the PAC Program application.